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聚焦定向, 把握当下 - 喬治·盧卡斯

乐华高管教练服务(EPC COACHING)培导高管教练,厘清目标,重新定位目标方向,推进职业发展。





Charting a career in the Arts

The Navigator:


  • You are a dynamic executive with a strong passion for the arts

  • You aspire to transfer your talent and skill set to the arts and creative industries

  • You want a personalized and viable action plan to achieve your career goals.

Program Objectives:


  • After this four-week program, you will have an in-depth understanding of the art market, talent trends, appropriate opportunities for your attributes and what it takes to build your career.   

  • You will have laid the ground and made progress towards realizing your objectives and rationalizing your future steps.


For interested parties, Please contact us at:



Master a career in the Arts

The Champion:


  • You are an accomplished art professional, aspiring to create a new chapter in your career

  • You are determined to advance your career trajectory  

  • You would like to have an insider coach to walk you through this important career journey, goals, and game plan


Program Objectives:


  • This 2-month program will help you gain clarity on your executive portfolio, enhance your profile, and develop a targeted career strategy to advance your career.

  • The program provides an insider's view of the art market and its dynamics, and brainstorm the possibilities and opportunities appropriate  to you.


For interested parties, Please contact us at:



Leadership career in the Arts

The Maestro:


  • You are an achieving leader in the art market, aiming to create a new dimension for yourself and the market

  • You have strong vision, passion and mission for the business, the community and humanity

  • You are determined to contribute your leadership talent to a new level and for a changed world.


Program Objectives:


  • The Maestro program is a tailor-made program, to help you gain clarify, reflection, inspiration and insight on various executive and life issues that you might encounter as an outstanding leader.


For interested parties, Please contact us at:

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