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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Leadership career in the Arts

The Maestro:

  • You are an achieving leader in the art market, aiming to create a new dimension for yourself and the market

  • You have strong vision, passion and mission for the business, the community and humanity

  • You are determined to contribute your leadership talent to a new level and for a new world order

  • You would like to have an empowering coach to share your vision, be inspired, focus on insights, and take actions

Program Objectives:

  • The Maestro program is a tailor-made program, to be developed together with the Maestro on their specific topics, areas of concern, and executive career and life criteria

  • The Maestro program will help you gain clarify, reflection, get inspired and insight on various executive and life issues that you might encounter as an outstanding leader

  • Create your own executive brand, review your authenticity and empathy to inspire, motivate and innovate the business and the community

  • You will reflect on your attributes as an authentic, empathic, and visionary leader

Program Structure:

  • The Maestro program is a tailor-made program. You will receive a customized structure, appropriate programs and facilitating time table to cater to your desired goals and mission.

For interested parties, please contact us at:

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